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Company Introduction

Company Introduction


Founded in 1986, Jinhua Han company is a national high-tech enterprise integrating with research and development , production and sales. There are companies in Beijing, shenzhen, shaanxi and Hong Kong. The companies have a group engaged in aviation and aerospace experts in the field of medical research. The Founder Mr Ming-de Zheng ,with many years of painstaking research, set up the "human holographic theory of parts of the bulge and electronic acupuncture" theoretical system, and developed the "Hua Han Zhen Shen" electronic acupuncture holographic therapy apparatus, based on the theoretical basis for successfully, making traditional acupuncture thoroughly remoulding itself, which let the ancient acupuncture realizing the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, electronic, automation, popularization, family!

" Hua Han Zhen Shen" brand low-frequency holographic pulse therapeutic apparatus, holographic pulse treatment diabetes, gout pulse therapeutic apparatus series products, is by the use of traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, the principle of acupuncture combined with modern electronic technology and the development and production of medical equipment.

" Hua Han Zhen Shen " is an electronic acupuncture product suitable for the treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion. It has obvious effect on the treatment of headache, toothache and arthritis, and has certain therapeutic effect on neurasthenia and prostate. It has certain auxiliary treatment effect for rachiotis, high blood pressure and hemiplegia

The electronic acupuncture and moxibustion therapy instruments is a series of national class among medical instruments. It won several national patents and awards at home and abroad, and was reported by the xinhua news agency, People's Daily, China central television, the United States KATV television, Belgium state television, and so on, dozens of media coverage at home and abroad. The state administration of science and technology and the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine have all promulgated and promoted them. The proposal of the NPC and CPPCC national people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) recommended it to be promoted. The expert academician of domestic authoritative experts also recommended it.

Jin Huahan companies adhering to the "science and technology, industrial patriotic to health, education, contribution to China" , our purpose is to relieve for tens of millions of patients, throughout the world and bring health, thus making the traditional Chinese culture with the wings of the science and technology, reputation world!

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